Freewheelers making theatre

Freewheelers making theatre

Dear All

Here is my drama entry for  this week. As we did a lot I may not include everything; I will try and mention most items.  We had no visitors and those not there were Sam and Sue.

We started with Brandon and other members talking about last week’s performance of Amandla! in East London. Those involved said it went well.

Then Soufyan said he watched singer Billy Joel at Epsom Playhouse; he said he enjoyed it. Anna saw Matilda the Musical in the West End and loved it. Mathew J may be on his local hospital radio station.

Brandon then said he saw two plays at the Brighton Drama Festival; they were called Scorch and Endings. He liked watching both of them. He is also in a show himself, called New York Stories, starting tonight. Also his sons Sebastian and Josh are in shows at the same time. Brandon is on tonight; I do not know when his sons are on.

We then read through Jenny Musgrove’s Monologue that we started last week. We performed in groups; I was with Richard B, Luke T and Dan, and we were helped by Brandon. Then was lunch time.

After lunch we continued the Monologue but this time we acted it out. We finished off by performing to each other. Brandon said we all did well in our different ways.

In conclusion, today went really well and I hope the rest will agree.

By Andrew M