Did somebody break a leg?

Did somebody break a leg?

Dear All

Here is this week’s drama email.  We did quite a lot so I may not mention everything – I will try and mention most items.

Today we had no visitors and those not there were Viv, Chris C and Ems.

We started with Brandon telling us that he was due to perform today with his theatre group, New York Stories, but one of the cast hurt their leg so now this will be at a later date. Then Susan said she is leaving in the summer; we were all sad about this.

Brandon then said he and his son Sebastian saw a clown workshop recently and enjoyed it, and hoped they would visit us in the future.

Peter mentioned two events coming up this afternoon: Jamie and Gary from NESCOT College are coming to talk about the work they do. And on June 12th we are going to Dorincourt in Leatherhead for a visit by the Handlebar Drama Group. They perform Shakespeare plays on unicycles.

Poppy said her care home entered a talent contest, and she came second; we were all pleased. I think we then played drama games; next we had lunch.

In  the afternoon Jamie and Gary from NESCOT came to talk about the work they do.  We may work with them if we have time. We then showed the Steep Rain film, and talked about the last production, Destiny Betrayed.

I think today’s session went well and think the rest will think so too.

Andy M