The Freewheelers feel hot and also sad

The Freewheelers feel hot and also sad

Dear All

Here is this week’s drama blog. We did quite a lot so I may not mention everything, but I will try and mention most items.

We had no visitors and those not there were Ems and Chris C.

We started with Brandon saying we will have a relaxing session today because of the hot weather.  Then people mentioned events they had been to, or were coming up.

Brandon said his son Josh is in a show about Galileo at the Young Vic Theatre in London, and Brandon watched it and liked it. Brandon then said he is in a play next week called New York Stories, to be performed at The Bridge Centre next Monday.

Richard saw a production of Alice in Wonderland at The Hawth Theatre Crawley. Brandon also said he is going to the offices of airline Kioni, as a possible location for filming the song, Tomorrow, from Freewheelers’ production of Destiny Betrayed.  Zena went to a local  carnival and liked it.

During the making of a storyline for the Tomorrow song in Destiny Betrayed, we had a minute’s silence for the victims in Grenfell Tower fire. This was at 12pm.

We then watched  Zena and Richard perform the song, Tomorrow. We then gave our ideas for a story line based on the song. Next was lunch.

In the afternoon we continued to work on the story line.

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will think so too!

Andy M