Freewheelers Showcase Evening!

Freewheelers Showcase Evening!

Dear All

Here is my Freewheelers Showcase Evening Special blog. Hope you like it!

We first arrived at Cobham International School where the Showcase was being shown – it was in the evening. We then had supper. Next was the performance itself.

First was India (Thursday Dance Group); then Ted’s Gone Funny (written by Peter Messer, and performed by the Tuesday Media Group); then Cinderella Rockafella (Junior Youth Theatre); Sherlock trailer (Daniel Galliford and the Tuesday Media Group); Antarctica (Thursday Dance Groups); Bleeping Poem (Terry Winchester); Charleston (by Thursday Dance Group); Romans, Parts 1 and 2 by Radio (play by Paul Webb and the Tuesday Media Group); Belt, Braces and Disability (with Rachel Mold, Daniel Galliford, Troy Robertson, Johnson and Tuesday Media Group); Musical Selection Part 1 (with Chris Hogg and the Tuesday Media Group); and then Charlie (Tuesday Dance Group); followed by the interval.

Part 2: Degas (Tuesday Media Group); Bubble (Richard Bridger / Tuesday Media Group); Despair (Thursday afternoon Dance Group); Jingles (Tuesday Media Group); Absolute Perfection (poem by Terry Winchester); then Musical Selection Part 2 (Friday Media Group).

Finally, the Finale, with everyone. There was then a presentation for Freewheeler Susan Bryan, who was due to leave the group. I am not sure how long she has been there. (She is not actually due to leave till the end of July).

Among the audience were my mother and other friends and family of cast members.

In conclusion I think it was a really entertaining, and an enjoyable evening, and I think everyone else will agree!

By Andrew Marber