NESCOT and David Walliams

NESCOT and David Walliams

Dear All

Here is the usual drama blog for this week. Hope you all like it!

In drama this week  the visitors were Sophie and Gavin from NESCOT, and those not there were Soufyan, Mathew, James and Dan.

We started with Brandon introducing Sophie and Gavin from NESCOT. Then Brandon said that Viv will be talking today about The Freewheelers’ next possible productions.

Next, Brandon mentioned The Freewheelers Showcase in Cobham on Wednesday night and asked who might like to go; several members said ‘yes’ (including myself).

Then was the workshop with Sophie and Gavin from NESCOT.  First was a warm up session. Next were some drama games.

Next, we performed a part from a play by comedian David Walliams, called The World’s Worst Children, in Groups of Five, about a naughty girl who always gets her brother into trouble. I was with Luke T, Ashley, Nick, and Sophie for this. We then performed with each other. Then was lunch. 

In the afternoon we said what we thought of the morning workshop – some members were confused, the others liked it.

Next we rehearsed the Tomorrow song scene from Destiny Betrayed. Then Viv and Brandon talked about our next Freewheelers productions: ideas included inviting a new playwright to bring their ideas for us to perhaps perform one of their plays. Perform a musical, have some workshops – like fighting, voice projection and comedy, plus others.  

In conclusion I think today went well and I think the rest will agree! 

Andy M