Farewell Sue! End of term special lunch…

Farewell Sue! End of term special lunch…

Dear  All

Here is my drama blog for today. Hope you like it!

Today we had no visitors and those not there were Andrea and Jamie.

We started with Brandon saying that he had a chat with Andrea last Friday, about Freewheelers Showcase at Cobham two weeks ago, on Wednesday. He said that they said it could have been better, as it was quite long and some audience members did not understand some parts of it.

We then continued to storyboard the Tomorrow song scene from Destiny Betrayed. We also sang it and rehearsed some parts of the song; then was lunch.

It was a special meal today – goodbye to Susan Bryan who is leaving Freewheelers after a long time – I am not sure how long? The meal was chicken in a sauce, and then rice and peas. The pudding was a farewell cake for Sue.

Sue read out a poem about her time with Freewheelers, saying she will miss us all and we said we will miss her!

In the afternoon we did more work on the Tomorrow song, but this time the scenes were filmed by Chris Crane. We are now not meeting till September, and then the scenes will be filmed again at the travel agent Kuoni, somewhere in Surrey.

There will be PIAW (or Play in a Week) at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley, for some Freewheelers, from Monday 24th July, with the performances on the following weekend, Saturday 29th, in the evening; and Sunday 30th, a matinee in the afternoon.

Andy M