Once Upon a Forest – PIAW

Once Upon a Forest – PIAW

Dear All

Here is my review of PIAW (or Play In A Week) called Once Upon A Forest, by Rachel Barnett, at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley. Hope you all like it?


Day One

We started with a warm up, then we read through the play. Anna Vere was the Pied Piper, Sam Keelan was a tea tree and Sonas helped out with technical issues. We read up to page 14, then was lunch.

In the afternoon, we continued with the play – from where we left off, to the finish. We then sang the songs from the play.

I played Pinocchio. We finished off with a cool down.


Day Two

We started in the morning with a warm up. Next we sang songs from the play. Then was drinks break.

Then we rehearsed in different rooms, with different scenes. I did my scene as Pinocchio in the marquee; others involved were the three pigs. We were supervised by a volunteer; next was lunch.

In the afternoon, we continued the scenes we did in the morning, and then watched some of the other scenes.

We finished off with rehearsing the play from the beginning to scene 5, page 15.

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope all those involved will agree.


Day Three

We started with the normal warm up, then we rehearsed scene 2. Next we did some different scenes in various rooms. I was in the marquee playing Pinocchio.

I was with those playing the seven dwarfs; we were helped by a Nomad volunteer.

We then had a drinks break. We then did more of scene 2; next was lunch.

In the afternoon we continued with rehearsals: scenes 5 to 9 (the final scene). We finished off with a cool down session.

I think today and the rest of the week is going well, and I hope everyone else will think so too!


Andy M