More of PIAW – Once Upon A Forest

More of PIAW – Once Upon A Forest

Here is my review of day 4 of PIAW (or Play in a Week) at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley – called Once Upon A Forest.

We started as a warm up, then we rehearsed the opening scene, but this time involving Chime Bars and Fireflies.

Next we rehearsed the play from the beginning to scene 4. Then the final scene and song. Next, we continued from scene 4 to scene 6, followed by lunch.

In the afternoon we started with a cast and group photo, then we did more rehearsing – from scene 6 till the end. Then a drinks break – we finished off with a cool down.

Here is my review of PIAW Day 5

We started in the morning with getting changed into our costumes. As I said before, I am Pinocchio. Then a warm up, next the scene with the fireflies and chime bars.

Next the drinks break. Then we rehearsed the play from the start to scene 6. Next was lunch time.

In the afternoon we continued the rehearsal from scene 6 to the finish. Then we sang songs from the show. We finished off with a cool down.

The performances are on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon – so my next PIAW blog will be after both of them

Here is review of days 6 and 7 of PIAW Performance Specials!

Saturday we arrived in the afternoon – had lunch, then got into costumes. Next was warm up session; next the dress rehearsal for the evening’s performance – followed by drinks break.

Afterwards we were told if we wanted to buy the DVD of the play it would cost us £14.50. Then we rehearsed the final scene again. Brandon then said we needed more rehearsing so we did so.

In the evening we started with a relaxation session, then sang Happy Birthday to Brandon’s son Sebastian, who was eight, and then watched a film by Chris Crane of what the cast and crew thought of the week.

Then was the performance itself. In the cast was Zena as Little Red Riding Hood, Richard Watson as the Gingerbread Man, Richard Bridger as the Tree of Experience, Sam Keelan as the Tea Tree and Anna Vere as the Pied Piper, and myself as Pinocchio.

We then watched the film again with the audience including David and his wife Christine and my mum plus other relatives of cast members. They enjoyed it.

Sunday: we again arrived in the afternoon and started with getting into our costumes.Then was lunch.

Later on was performance 2. Earlier we sang Rachel Barnett’s (the playwright) husband, Andrew, Happy Birthday.

In conclusion I think the week was both enjoyable and exhausting, and think the rest involved would think so too!

By Andrew Marber