The Freewheelers are back at work!

The Freewheelers are back at work!

Dear All

Here is the drama blog for this week. The first after the Summer break. As we did a lot I may not mention everything we did, but I will try mention most of what we did do.

The visitors were two new possible Freewheelers volunteers, called Jackie and Emily. Those not there was: Dan.

We started with Brandon welcoming us all back after the Summer break, including Jackie and Emily.

Then Jenni talked about the new Freewheelers book we all have to fill in when we arrive at The Bridge Centre. Peter then mentioned the filming at the travel agent Kuoni in Dorking on October 1st (all day). He also mentioned that Zena and Richard are dancing the Tomorrow Dance from Destiny Betrayed in Leatherhead on Saturday, and Luke Tye is performing in Guildford on Sunday. The filming at Kuoni is part of the Tomorrow song from Destiny Betrayed.  

Next we had a warm up followed by lunch time.

In the afternoon we started with more rehearsing of the Tomorrow song from Destiny Betrayed – I think this went well. Next Brandon said we did not get the funding for audio describer Di Langford, and playwright Franklin McCabe to visit us for workshops. Viv will try again later in the year. Di Langford may come to take some workshops on audio describing, ready for a possible play on the topic later in the year.

We then split into groups to tell stories with an audio describer in each one. I was with Polly, Anna Vere and Chris Crane – I was the audio describer for our group. We told a story about baking a cake. Others did other topics – they will be told to each other next week.

In conclusion I think today went well, and hope everyone else will agree.

By Andrew Marber