We were visited by a puppet maker!

We were visited by a puppet maker!

Dear All,

Here is my drama blog for this week.  Hope you all like it!

The visitor was Nick Barnes (puppet maker). Those not there were  Chris Crane, Ems, Richard Bridger, Dan and Ashley.

We started in the morning with Brandon telling us all that a film of his son Josh performing in a production of King Lear at the National Theatre, on the South Bank in London, is being shown at Leatherhead Theatre on September 26th.

Before this Brandon said that Nick Barnes (puppet maker) is visiting us later today. Next there were some cartoons shown about Simon and his Cat (which we audio described) by various Freewheeler members, including Terri, Andrea, Brandon and myself.

Then Nick Barnes arrived and started to talk about his work making puppets. Next we had some lunch. During the break we signed a card for the Freewheelers volunteer who is getting married soon.

In the afternoon, Nick Barnes continued to talk about his puppet making, and brought in some of his puppets which members of the  Freewheelers had a go at operating themselves. This was great fun for everyone involved. We then thanked Nick for coming and hoped to  see his puppets perform in Chichester sometime, and also work with him sometime in the future.

Next Peter Higson took names for the filming of  the Tomorrow song from Destiny Betrayed at the offices of  KUONI – in Dorking on October 1st, times 10am to 5pm. I think we then sang the Tomorrow song from Destiny Betrayed?

In conclusion I think today’s session went well, and I hope the rest will agree with me.

Andy M