Theatre matters

Theatre matters

Dear All,

Here is this week’s drama entry. Hope you all like it!

We had no visitors and those not there were Rachel, Richard Bridger and Dan. Poppy, Ashley and Brandon were at NESCOT  in Ewell in the morning. Also both Luke T and H were not there.

We started with Brandon and others talking about the weekend’s KUONI visit. We said it went well, but we were all tired after it.

Then Jamie said he and his helping dog Flossy had problems on a train to Ashtead to rehearse for a performance of Amandla!  I am not sure of when it is being performed and where.

Next a warm up session with Andrea. We then split into groups and had to perform a story based on a word given to us by Andrea. I was with Terri, Richard Bridger and Jamie, and we were supervised by Chris Crane. Our word was ‘Stove’ and the story was Hansel and Gretel. Terri and I were the main parts; Richard played the Gingerbread House and Jamie the Witch, and Chris Crane was Hansel and Gretel’s dad.

We then performed it to each other and had it narrated by someone not from our group, which was great fun.

Next we played a game called Party Quarks, in which Nick was the host of a party and the rest were given an action word that they had to do all the time. I was a man with a bomb under his jumper.

Next was lunch time.

In the afternoon we heard about what Brandon, Poppy and  Ashley did at NESCOT in the morning.

We then talked about perhaps audio describing a story. Suggestions included: a farce, a comedy called Black Night  and something we make ourselves about people rehearsing for a play. Such as disabled people rehearsing for a play where the theatre is not disabled friendly – and all the problems this may cause.

We then watched the start of a farce called Noises Off. We  found this quite funny and may look it up, as well as other  suggestions.

In conclusion, I think this week went well and and hope the rest will agree.

By Andy M