Farce Workshop at The Bridge

Farce Workshop at The Bridge

Dear All,

Here is my drama blog for this week. We did a lot so I may not mention everything but will try and mention most items we did.

We had no visitors and those not there were Nick and Luke H.

We started with Brandon saying today will be busy. Then Jenni told us all that some Freewheelers volunteers ran a half marathon round London’s parks on Sunday and raised lots of money. Well done all those involved!

Jamie then said that Richard Watson performed well in a Freewheelers production of Amandla! at Hackney on Friday. Richard said he enjoyed it but was tired afterwards. In the Q & A (question and answer) session afterwards some members said it was racist as there aren’t any black or coloured cast members, but cast members said there are some people of those races in the Freewheelers!

Next, Chris Crane said he saw the film Blade Runner at the iMax in London over the weekend and enjoyed it. Anna Vere said the drama  group she is in at Sutton College (called the Baked Bean Drama Group) are rehearsing for a play set in a bus.

Terri said some of her paintings will be on display at Woking Library, this Saturday, October 14th. I think we then had lunch.

In the afternoon we watched a production of the farce, Noises Off, on film. It was written by Micheal Frayn, and in the cast were Christopher Reeve and Micheal Caine. We only watched some of it, then talked about performing our own version or something similar.

We also watched some of the filming of the Tomorrow song from Destiny Betrayed at the KUONI Offices in Dorking on October 1st –  more next week.

Next we started a ‘Farce Workshop’ by talking about the story and cast members; it will be set in an old house. I am playing an incompetent telephone engineer. Others are playing a maid, two posh ladies and three partners: a hunky gardener, a plumber and their assistant, a mistress, plus more. It will be performed next week sometime.

Jenni told us at the start of the afternoon that the Freewheelers money that we pay is going up by half a per cent after Easter; we all understood this.  Jenni then said if anyone had a problem they can see her or any other Freewheeler volunteer. Forms about the topic were given out at the end of the session.

I think today went well but was rather tiring and hope the rest will think so too.

Andy M