The farce continues!

The farce continues!

Dear All

Here are my drama emails for this week. I may not include everything as I have mislaid my notes. Hope you all understand and enjoy them?

We had no visitors and those not there were Ems, Luke T, Luke H, Brandon, Andrea,  Chris Crane, Zena and Richard Watson. They were all at Viv Colvill’s home, filming for the Tomorrow song scene from Destiny Betrayed. They would be back in the early afternoon.

We started with Peter Higson taking the group.  Then I said what I did for my 51st birthday celebration over the weekend. I also passed round one of my presents: a book with the words and lyrics and pictures of the Yoko Ono and John Lennon song, Imagine, as that is my favourite song.

Next, Terri said she read one of her poems at Woking Library on Saturday, October 14th and liked it.  Anna said she is enjoying being in her drama group at Sutton College, called The Baked Bean Drama Group.

Ashley said his email is having technical problems at the moment, so only to contact him for emergencies; we all understood this.

Then we split into groups to perform various scenes for the Hemmet Farce that we cast last week. I was with Terri, Soufyan and Stephen; our sketch was about two golfers, played by Stephen and myself, who pretend to like each other but really hate each other. So we said nice things to each other but really wanted to say bad things. We were voiced:  Stephen was voiced by Soufyan and myself by Terri on what we really wanted to say!  We then performed to each other, and said what we thought good or bad, then was lunch.  Other groups performed different sections of the farce.

In the afternoon we started with watching a rough cut of the film taken at the KUONI  offices in Dorking on October 1st – of various sections of the Tomorrow song scene, danced by Zena and Richard.

Then Brandon told us all he went to The National Theatre over the weekend and saw a play called Touch On? with deaf and blind performers, as the stories were about the cast members’ experiences in the outside world. Brandon liked it. He met some Freewheeler volunteers there who also liked it.

We then heard how the filming of the Tomorrow song scene from Destiny Betrayed had gone in the morning. Although some more sections or scenes still need to be filmed sometime.

We finished off by performing the Farce scenes again in our groups. Peter took Terri’s place as she was being interviewed at The Bridge Centre.

I forgot to mention that there are two Freewheelers events coming up: on October 31st, the Freewheelers are getting The Queen’s Award at The Bridge Centre, and the following day, November 1st, there is a Freewheelers Film Night of various Freewheelers films. Various Freewheelers are taking part in both of these activities, including myself.

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will agree?

Andy M