Favourite scenes at drama today

Favourite scenes at drama today

Dear All

Here is my drama blog for this week. We did a lot so I may not mention everything but will try and include most items. We had no visitors and those not there were Poppy, Ems and Jenni (volunteer).

We started with Soufyan and Mathew James saying they visited one of our friends in hospital and he is on the road to recovery and had all the cards we sent him round his hospital bed; he hopes to come out soon.

Richard Watson is going to an Elvis Presley tribute concert soon and Zena is going to an Elaine Page show in the  future; I think they are both looking forward to those events. Anna Vere said she is enjoying being in her drama group at Sutton College, called The Baked Bean Drama Group, as she sings and dances in it. We then had lunch.

In the afternoon, Chris Crane said the film of the Tomorrow song scene from Destiny Betrayed is now complete after other filming at Viv Colvill’s home last week – for us to look at after some editing in the future.

We heard from Brandon that he watched John Cleese talking about how Fawlty Towers came to be made: he was on location for one of the Monty Python films, and they stayed at a hotel where the manager was rude to them and their fellow guests. He later remembered it and made it into Fawlty Towers. We then recalled our favourite episodes, and may perform one in the future sometime next week, as one of members will bring in the book about them all.

Brandon also talked about farce; it is fast paced, and can be with cast members in different rooms (sometimes semi-clothed!) with each other’s partners. We then had a go at our own versions with the scenes we started a few weeks ago. Mine was about two golfers (normally played by Stephen and myself) who pretend to like each other but really hate each other. Richard Watson played Stephen’s role; Soufyan voiced Richard, and Terri voiced myself (they said what Richard and I really thought). The rest then said what they thought of it, and we said what we thought of the other farce scenes.

Next, we did a sketch in which we came out of different doors drawn on the floor with masking tape. We then said something each, in character. I was a police officer, and I said, ‘Evening all!’  Other people said other things – it was great fun.

I think today went well and I hope the rest will think so too.

by Andrew Marber