Film and Music Night at Dorking!

Film and Music Night at Dorking!

Here is a another drama blog, about the Film and Music Night at  Dorking on November 1st.

When I arrived along with Anna and Sonas from Cambridge Road, and Sam from Hemmet House, there was a picture of Ems  advertising Freewheelers’ Breaking Bonnie film she was in (and may be in again in the future)! I pointed this out to Ems; she thanked me for doing so.

Later on I ate some supper. Later we went into the room where the  Music and Film Night was taking place; there was a film with Richard Bridger – he had problems with his local cinema, when members of the public complained that the ventilating machine he uses to help him keep alive was too loud.

Then The Film and Music Night started with a sketch on the problems disabled people have on main line trains. Next a film called Tom Does Not Believe in Father Christmas, then the Music Group performed (part 1). Next was Tom Does Not Believe in Ghosts; then a trailer for Romans (part 2).

Next: Belts, Braces and Disability, a film on how Rachel Mold,  Daniel Galliford and Troy Robertson Johnson live their lives as disabled people. Next, an interval.

In the second half there was a film and song by Richard Bridger called Bubble.  Then Tom Does Not Believe in The Easter Bunny.

Next, the Tomorrow song, filmed at the KUONI offices in Dorking on October 1st and Viv Colvill’s home at a later date. It was starring Zena Rose and Richard Watson, supported by the other Freewheelers. Then Romans film (episode 2) that we watched the trailer for earlier in the evening. Next was Music Group (part 2).

Then Tom Does Not Believe in Fairies, and last, but not least, Tom’s Gone Funny, a film starring Peter Messer and Jenny from Freewheelers followed by a Q&A (Question and Answer) session.

In conclusion I think this event went well and I hope all those involved will agree.

yours in appreciation

Andy M