Fun with Fawlty Towers

Fun with Fawlty Towers

Dear All

Here is my drama blog for this week. As we did quite a lot I may not mention everything we did but I will try and include most items.

We had no visitors and those not there were Ems, Anna and Dan, plus Peter Higson who had an appointment in the morning, and Stephen went somewhere in the afternoon.

We started with Brandon and others – like Jamie, Luke Tye and Soufyan – talking about last week’s event at NESCOT College in Ewell last Wednesday. Jamie came to it, as did Richard Watson. I think they performed Amandla! It’s based on the life of Nelson Mandela. They all said it went well and the audience enjoyed it, as did the cast.

Pip then talked about another event at Epsom Library over the weekend – a Poetry Day. Richard Bridger later on read the poem that was read out on that day; we all liked it.

The event at NESCOT was last Wednesday. As well as Amandla! they  performed World’s Worst Children by David Walliams. It was performed by some of the NESCOT students, with help from Freewheelers Poppy and Ashley.

Chris Crane said he watched the latest Paddington Bear film last week with Hugh Bonneville in the cast; he said it was very good and advised us to watch it. We said we will do our best to do so!

We then went into our groups to rehearse our Fawlty Towers sketches that we started a couple of weeks ago. I was with Zena, and our sketch had myself as Basil Fawlty, talking to Zena as Manuel, about keeping the fact that Basil had a winning bet on a horse called Dragonfly away from his wife Sybil. Manuel thinks the horse is called Nitwit and Basil replies, ‘No, you’re the nitwit – the horse is called Dragonfly! Please try to understand this before one of us dies.’

This was my favourite line from the sketch as it was very funny indeed. We were supervised by Chris Crane. I think we then had lunch.

In the afternoon, we performed the Fawlty Towers scene rehearsed in the morning for the benefit of Peter Higson (after his morning appointment). We then said what we thought of them.

Also Pip and Terri talked about The Freewheelers on the radio station Kane FM; about The Freewheelers getting the Queen’s Award from the Lord Lieutenant for Voluntary Services to the Leatherhead Community on October 30th – as well as  what we do in general on various days of the week; mainly at The Bridge Centre.

We then watched the Fawlty Towers sketches we performed earlier on.

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will agree.

Andy M <