More Fawlty Towers!

More Fawlty Towers!

Dear All

Here is this week’s drama blog. We did quite a lot this week so I may not mention everything but I will try and include most items.

We had no visitors and those not there were Ems, Nick and Dan.

We started with Brandon telling us that he went to NESCOT   College last week sometime to ask them to perform their current play World’s Worst Children, by David Walliams, that some of the Freewheeler members helped rehearse.

He wanted them to perform at The Bridge Centre next Monday,  November 27th, but they could not do so for some reason. Instead, they invited us to see it at their performance venue on the same day –  November 27th – leaving Hemmet at about 5pm?

Brandon asked who would be able to go to see it – most members said ‘yes’. We’ll be getting there by various people’s cars.

Brandon then mentioned he was a meeting at The Grange Centre, Bookham, about Play In A Week (PIAW). It’ll be performed at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley, on the week of July 23-29. Brandon said that I was mentioned, as I have been most of the Plays In A Week so far!

Jamie said that Canine Partners are getting The Queen’s Award on November 30th (the same Award that The Freewheelers got on October 31st at The Bridge Centre).

We then watched a film of this event, taken by Chris Crane on the day; it was very good to see.

Pip then said could she have the money for the Christmas Dinner she is making for us all on the last session before we break up for Christmas, on December 18th? She said to give the money during lunch time – we said we would do so.

Then was a warm up session. Next, we went into our Fawlty Towers sketches: I was with Zena; she was Manuel and I was Basil Fawlty. I  was asking Manuel not to tell Sybil (the wife of Basil) that he had a bet on a horse called Dragonfly. Manuel gets confused and thinks the name of the horse was Nitwit. Basil says, ‘No, you’re the nitwit; the horse is called Dragonfly.’ We were supervised by Chris Crane, Then was lunch. 

In the afternoon more work on our Fawlty Towers sketches. We then performed them in the right order: the one with Zena and me was number 3 – there are seven altogether. We then said how we thought they went. We said they went well and may do other work in groups in the future, as a well as having a visit by an audio describer (Di Langford) who has audio described various Freewheelers productions, and the Harry Potter films.

Brandon then reminded us about next week’s visit to NESCOT. 

In conclusion I think the session went well today and I hope the rest will think so too. 

Andy  M