Reviewing and rehearsing at The Bridge

Reviewing and rehearsing at The Bridge

Dear All

Here this this week’s drama email.  We did quite a lot so I may not include everything – I will try and include most items.

This week we had no visitors and those not there were Sam Keelan and Anna Vere. Brandon and Chris Crane were not there in the morning as they were at a Bus Museum in Surrey, for the filming of the bus scene for the Tomorrow song from Destiny Betrayed. They were due back  in the afternoon sometime.

We started with Peter telling us that Freewheeler volunteer Emily and himself will be taking the session today as Chris Crane and Brandon are not here yet. Peter said could we try and not speak too loudly and over each other during the drama sessions, as it disturbs some members of the group.  We said we will try and do our best.

Then we talked about last week’s Freewheelers events on Tuesday – the visit by Lord Lieutenant of Surrey, Mr Michael More-Molineux, to The Bridge Centre, as he gave The Freewheelers a special award because they’ve been around for about thirty years. I was there as founder Freewheeler, as was my mum.

We also talked about the Film and Music Night the following day – last Wednesday, November 1st. The Lord Lieutenant’s visit was the day before. I and the other Freewheelers were at both events; we all said they both went well.

Next, Poppy said she saw a film last week and enjoyed it. Richard Watson is going to a Dracula film sometime soon and Terri watched A Street Cat Named Bob on television and liked it.

We then went into groups to read through some Fawlty Towers sketches. I was with Zena; our sketch was with Basil Fawlty and Manuel; they’re trying to keep the fact that Basil had a bet on a horse called Dragonfly away from his wife Sybil.  Manuel got confused and thought the name of the horse was Nitwit. Basil replied, ‘There is no horse called Nitwit! You are the nitwit.’ Manual replied, ‘What is nitwit.’ It was very funny indeed; then was lunch.

In the afternoon we performed the Fawlty Towers sketches again to show Chris Crane and Brandon. I think they liked them.

We finished off with Chris Crane and Brandon telling us all how the visit to the Bus Museum went. They saw a man called Ian and we hope to all go there sometime before Christmas.  I forgot to say Jenni talked about what we might do in the last session before Christmas – perhaps a Christmas meal with all the trimmings or a Chinese  Takeaway? There also maybe some entertainment?

I think today’s session went well and I hope the rest will think so too.

By  Andrew Marber