Hospital theatres for Freewheelers

Hospital theatres for Freewheelers

Dear All 

Here is my drama blog for this week. We did quite a lot so I may not mention everything we did. We had no visitors and the only person not there was Terri. 

We started with Brandon telling us all how he injured his eye. He was cleaning the floor and accidentally poked his eye with a bucket, and had to go to the local hospital’s A&E department for treatment. He was taken there by his wife Marina. We all said he had our sympathy, which he appreciated.

We then watched part of the television program The Singing Detective, about a man in hospital with facial injuries, who is in an imaginary world during his hospital treatment.

Later on we watched two DVDs; one called The Jazz Singer, and the other called Scrubs. Both are about patients in hospital in their own imaginary  worlds during their hospital treatment. Both very entertaining to watch, and very funny as well – we all enjoyed them both.

Then was a warm up session with Andrea. Next, Brandon talked about what we may do in the afternoon. We will talk more about our next Freewheelers production, which will start with someone in a coma in their imaginary world during their treatment.

We then had some lunch. 

In the afternoon we got together to do some more  work on our next production. It will start with the bleeping noise of the machine to keep the person alive. Later on episodes of their favourite television programs will be played to them including Fawlty Towers, and Only Fools and Horses. Also during the production questions asked will include: how did the patient get in the coma, and how long have they been there, plus others.

We also talked about serious moments from comedy programs like The Royal Family, and Blackadder Goes Forth, plus more.

We finished off with most of us going into another room whilst Brandon and others got ready for the Youth Group to perform a play. It’s called Bogsy – based on the children’s film, Bugsy Malone, directed by Alan Parker in 1976. The drama games were taken by Freewheeler volunteer Andrea; they were funny and enjoyable.  

In conclusion, I think the session for today went well and I think the rest will agree with me.

Andy M