The World’s Worst Children go home early

The World’s Worst Children go home early

Dear All

Here is the drama blog for this week. Hope you all like it!

The only visitor was audio describer Di Langford, and the only one not there was Ems.

We started with Brandon talking about most of The Freewheelers going to watch World’s Worst Children, performed at NESCOT College later today, leaving The Bridge at around 3.30 and performance at about 5.30.

Brandon also said their next performance will be their version of Bugsy Malone. Brandon also hoped that NESCOT students will either come to The Bridge Centre on Mondays, Tuesdays, or both, or us go to them?

Then Brandon mentioned that the last session before we break up for Christmas on December 18th will be his birthday, and we will also be eating a Christmas meal with all the trimmings (made by Pip, volunteer).

I think we then read through our Fawlty Towers sketches we have done during the last few weeks – I was with Zena as Manuel and I was Basil Fawlty. Next was lunch time.

In the afternoon, more work on the Fawlty Towers sketches. We then performed them to each other in order, audio described by Di Langford. I forgot to say that in the morning Di  audio described the Fawlty  Towers sketch called Communication Problems. It involves all the scenes we have been reading through and rehearsing  during the last few weeks; in some there is a lady who is deaf, called Mrs Harrison, who complains about everything. The scenes are all very funny indeed.

Then Brandon asked what we thought of it. Most said they enjoyed it, but Anna Vere and Luke Tye found the laughing and other background noises distracting, so we then watched the same scenes, but this time we all faced the screen and tried not to laugh or make noises. Brandon then asked again, ‘how did it go’, and Anna and Luke said it was better than before but still a bit distracting.

Later on in the afternoon most of the group made our way to NESCOT College in Ewell to watch their performance of World’s Worst Children by David Walliams. I went in the Hemmet House vehicle with Anna Vere,  Sonas Musana, and Sam Keelan. We were driven there by Phil Williams. Other Freewheeler members came in other vehicles.

When we arrived, Pip got a text saying all the students had gone home so now the performance will be next week December 4th instead. Some of us did not mind but others were a bit annoyed; I was a bit of both.

In conclusion I think today went well despite the NESCOT performance problems and I hope the rest will agree.

Andy M