Fresh sounds at The Bridge

Fresh sounds at The Bridge

Dear All

Here is  this week’s drama blog. As we did quite a lot I may not mention everything but will try and include most of what we do.

The visitors were Tom Gray and his technical assistant Vince, and I think everyone was there.

We started with Brandon telling us all why he was later than normal – he had stuff to do; we all understood this.

Then Jamie and others talked their performance of Amandla! at Walton-on-Thames on Friday last week. All those involved said it went well.

Anna Vere said the Cambridge Road group went to see Abba Mania at Wimbledon Theatre on Saturday – they all enjoyed it. Richard Watson saw a show somewhere near his home in Sussex and liked it.

We started with a warm up session with Andrea, and then started a Binaural Sounds workshop with Tom Gray and Vince. For this we all put on headphones and then various noises were played to us and we then reacted to them. Sometimes we all had the same sounds – noises and music – and sometimes different  ones.  You may also have different sounds – noises and music – in the right and left headphones which was a bit strange. Next was lunch.

In the afternoon, more on the Binaural Sounds Workshop. We split into groups of four round some microphones stands to record some Fawlty Towers sketches; I was with Richard Watson and Chris Crane. Just to say the morning workshop for our next production will start with someone in a coma  (probably played a dummy); then some of the sounds noises and music we listened to will be played to them to try and bring them back to life.

Last but not least Brandon mentioned that next week my mother Angela will be visiting the Freewheelers with someone else. I do not know who they are yet and I may not do so till next week.

In conclusion I think this week’s session went well and I hope the rest will agree.

Andy M