Preparing for the Transport Museum

Preparing for the Transport Museum

Dear All,

Here is my drama entry for this week. We did a lot so I may not mention everything. The visitors were my mum, Angela, and a lady called Linda who came to see what we do.  Those not there were Zena, and also Brandon and Peter Higson (volunteer). They were both at Brooklands Transport Museum in Weybridge, Surrey, to look at some buses for a bus scene from Destiny Betrayed, to be performed by itself sometime later in the year.

We started by hearing that Andrea will be taking the morning session as Brandon and Peter were at Brooklands; we all understood this. Then Andrea told us all that we have been asked to perform some of the scenes from Destiny Betrayed on September 3rd somewhere in Leatherhead, as it is the anniversary of World War I.  Others performing on that day are the Military Wives Choir conducted  by Gareth Malone.

Richard Watson had his birthday last week and liked it.  We then rehearsed some of Destiny Betrayed  scenes to be performed at a venue in Leatherhead on September 3rd.  They included the finale and the two songs called Memories and Dear Johnny; all went well, then we had some lunch.

In the afternoon we heard from Brandon, Peter and Chris Crane about how the Brooklands visit went They said they found a helpful person called Ian, who will be there when we go to Brooklands – on February 22nd or 29th.  We will use one of the buses there which is quite accessible for wheelchair users; we will have time to explore the museum if we wanted to. My mum and Linda then left The Bridge Centre; Linda was impressed with what we did.  We then rehearsed the bus scenes ready for when we go to the Museum; we did some scenes both at some bus stops and on the bus itself.

In conclusion I think drama went well this week and I hope the rest will think so too.

Andy M