Rise and Shine with Gary D Vine

Rise and Shine with Gary D Vine

Dear All

Here is this week’s drama entry.  Those not there were Zena, Anna Vere and Dan.

The visitors were Lucy (possible new volunteer) and Gillian (possible new Freewheeler).

We started with Brandon introducing Lucy and Gillian. Then Brandon told us we will be rehearsing some of the scenes from Destiny Betrayed ready for a performance in Leatherhead at the beginning of  September.

Brandon then said he has not had a reply from a man called Ian about  The Freewheelers going to The Transport Museum in Brooklands on either February 19th or 26th. We will film some scenes on an old London Bus for the Tomorrow song – originally from Destiny Betrayed but now to be on its own, shown at a Freewheelers’ Film Night later this year sometime.

Brandon and Jamie then said there is a performance of Amandla! at Stoke Manderville Hospital on February 18th.

Next was a warm up session with Andrea and Brandon. We then  rehearsed some of the scenes from Destiny Betrayed ready for the performance in Leatherhead on September 3rd.  The Military Wives Choir and Gareth Malone will also perform at the event. I think we then had some lunch.

In the afternoon we started by storyboarding the bus scene  – ready for when we go to The Transport Museum in Brooklands. Then we split up; some of us went with Lucy (volunteer) to write a radio scene for the Tomorrow song. I was in a group with Lucy along with Terri,  Richard Bridger, Luke H and Ashley.

We wrote about radio presenter Gary D Vine with his radio show called Rise and Shine with Gary D Vine (suggested by Terri), and his college friend, Neil B Cannon.

Neil B Cannon is a new presenter who is always serious, and Gary D Vine thinks everything is a joke. There is also a lady who does the star signs called Magic Mary. This will hopefully be very funny!

The rest were with Brandon rehearsing the bus scenes. Finally we got back together to say what we did, to the other group.

In conclusion I think we did well and I hope the rest will agree.

By Andy M