Rehearsing at The Bridge

Rehearsing at The Bridge

Dear all,

Here is my drama blog for this week.

The only visitor was Lucy (volunteer), and those not there were Zena, Sam and Luke T.

We started with Terri saying she will be painting portraits of some of The Freewheelers members today, and then continuing during the next few weeks – and when everyone is painted we will put them together. I have been done already.

Then I said I went to a PIAW (Play in a Week) Quiz Night with my mum at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley, to raise money for this year’s event. I think the actual week is at the end of July at The Nomad. I have done all of them so far – so got a special mention.

Other Freewheelers there were Richard Bridger and Terri, and it’s run by Nomad members Liz, Helen and Geoff.

Ashley then talked about the next Nomad event for this year’s PIAW – a musical event at The Nomad on March 24th. Andrea and others then talked about a performance of the Trust dance at St Peter’s School, Leatherhead, last Friday (February 9th). Those involved said it went well.

Next, Brandon mentioned the date for filming the bus scenes for a future Freewheelers Production: we will go to Brooklands Transport Museum on February 26th.

Then we had a warm up session with Andrea. Next we rehearsed some scenes from Destiny Betrayed, for when we go to perform them at Leatherhead sometime in September. We did the Memories and Dear Johnny songs as the finale.

Then we read through the radio scene that we wrote last week with volunteer Lucy.  It had DJ Gary De Vine, newsreader Neil B Cannon, and astrologer Mad Mary in as well as others. Next was lunch.

Next we looked at the radio scenes again, but this time in groups.  I was with Soufyan, and we were helped by Chris Crane. Soufyan played Neil B Cannon and I was Gary De Vine. Other groups did other sketches; we then performed to each other – it was very funny.

In conclusion I think today’s session went well and I think the rest would think so too.

Andy M