Music and laughter at The Bridge

Music and laughter at The Bridge

Dear All

Here is my drama blog for this week. As we did quite a lot I may not mention everything!

The visitors were Lucy (volunteer) and Tom Gray (musician).  Those not there were Ems and Soufyan.

We started with Brandon welcoming Tom. Then Brandon said we have now got the money from the Arts Council for future Freewheelers Productions! We were all pleased with that news!

Next, Brandon talked about next week’s visit to Brooklands Transport Museum in Weybridge, Surrey. He said we will need to be there for 10am ready for filming the bus scene from the Tomorrow song (originally from Destiny Betrayed, but now to be performed on its own sometime).

Then we watched the film taken at the KUONI  Offices in Dorking last year.  Next we looked at the storyboard for our next production – with Zena and Richard Watson both getting ready to get the bus to go to KUONI offices. Next was lunch time.

In the afternoon we started with a workshop with Tom Gray, to give jingles to the characters in the radio play scene for our next production. The characters are: astrologer Magic Mary; weather forecaster and newsreader Neil B Cannon; and DJ Gary De Vine. Then another workshop, but this time with volunteer Lucy – to talk about adverts for the radio scene.

Next we rehearsed the radio scene I mentioned earlier; we all did different sections. Then we performed them to each other. We all did very well, Brandon said. Peter then reminded us that we need to wrap up warm for next week’s Brooklands visit.

In conclusion I think today’s session went well and I think the rest would agree.

By Andy M