Drama continues at The Bridge

Drama continues at The Bridge

Dear All

Here is this week’s drama entry. We had no visitors and those not there were Zena, Poppy and Ems.

We started in the morning with Brandon talking about the next few weeks’ sessions. He said next week (March 12th) there is a meeting at The Bridge with all those involved in the Freewheeler’s next production. Then on March 19th we are possibly going to Brookland’s Bus Museum to film the bus scenes for our next production, and March 26th a writers’ workshop at The Bridge Centre, Leatherhead.

Soufyan said he will be away on the week of March 19th, so will not be there for the Brooklands visit.

Brandon then said he had talked to Anita Sullivan (the playwright) about Freewheelers’ next production.

Next Brandon told us we will use WhatsApp and Facebook to help with our next show – to be shown in September next year. I think we then rehearsed some scenes for Destiny Betrayed, to show all the volunteers that come to the meeting at The Bridge Centre on March 12th. Then was lunch.

In the afternoon, Anna, Sam and I started to make the badges for the meeting at The Bridge on March 12th – we were joined later by the rest.

In conclusion I think we did well today and I hope the rest will agree.

By Andy M