Still dramatic at The Bridge

Still dramatic at The Bridge

Dear All

Here is my review of today’s drama. As we did quite a lot I may not mention everything but I will try and include most of what we did.

We had no visitors and those not there were Poppy, Soufyan, Nick, Luke Tye – and Peter Higson was only there in the morning.

In the morning we started with Brandon talking about this week’s Freewheelers Easter Showcase at The Nomad Theatre in East Horsley on  Wednesday night.

We then heard that Pip was back from her Far East Tour and we will hear more details later in the day.

Next we heard about a PIAW (Play in a Week) singalong evening at The Nomad Theatre on Saturday. Then we talked about last week’s workshop at The Bridge Centre with various people including Di Langford (audio describer); Anita Sullivan (playwright) and Tom Gray (musician), plus Brandon (director) – assisted by Nick Walenski – and Andrea (choreographer). We said it went well. Then was lunch time.

In the afternoon we started with a warm up session with Andrea, Brandon  and volunteer Lucy. Next we heard from Pip about her Far East Tour and where she went and what she did – all very interesting indeed.

We finished off with hearing about a future production in September at Leatherhead.

In conclusion I think today went well, and hope the rest will agree.

Andy M.