Workshop Special!

Workshop Special!

Dear All


Today was a Workshop Special Session for our next production. Those not there this week were Zena (in the morning),   Poppy and Luke Tye.

We had loads of visitors! They were: Anita Sullivan (playwright); Di Langford (audio describer) and Tom Gray (musician) plus Freewheelers Andrea and Brandon (director); we made them badges last week and gave them out in the morning.

We started with Brandon welcoming all our visitors and everyone else. Then Brandon talked about what we will be doing today.  Brandon then said the proposed date for our next production -January 2019 at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley? Brandon then talked more about The Freewheelers’ next production, with contributions from various Freewheeler members and some of the workshop people. Next was lunch.

In the afternoon we started with watching some Freewheeler films and songs. First was Sonas and Anthony’s dance called Trust. Then were some of the songs from Destiny Betrayed: Dear Johnny and Come Back To Me.

We then started to talk about the production next year, and who and what will be involved. We then thanked everyone for coming and hoped to see them again in the future.

Next we listened to a Nick Walenski song called Party Time; we all liked it. Then Brandon talked about next Monday’s visit  to Brooklands Bus Museum in Weybridge.  We need to be there for 10am. Peter Higson (volunteer) mentioned next week’s Freewheelers  Easter Showcase at The Nomad Theatre on March 21st, and hoped some of us would be there?

In conclusion I think today’s session went well but was rather tiring.

By Andy M