Easter Showcase at The Nomad Theatre

Easter Showcase at The Nomad Theatre

Dear All

Here is the Easter Showcase Special blog. It was at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley. Hope you all enjoy it?

First Half  

1  Thriller (Dance Groups)

2  Cinema Disruption (Media Group)

3  Garden (Dance Groups)

4  Into The Light (Media Groups)

5   Sherlock  Trailer (Media Groups)

6   Musical Selection (Music Group)


Then was the interval.


Second Half  

1  Be Our Guest (Dance Groups)

2   Romans Episode 3 (Media Groups)

3  Musical Selection (Music Group)

4   BRAT Teaser (Media Groups)

5  V.I  Blues (Media Groups)

6  Shades (Dance Groups)

7  Finale (Everyone)

In conclusion I think it went well and I hope all those involved and the other audience members would agree.

By Andy M