A Wizard time at The Bridge

A Wizard time at The Bridge

Dear All

Here is my review of today’s drama session. We did quite a lot so I may not include everything but will try and mention most items.

The only visitor was Anna -the DBS lady, who came to do some security checks on some Freewheelers. Those not there were Terri (who arrived in the afternoon due to traffic on the M25 Motorway), Ems, Soufyan, Richard Bridger, Nick, Luke Tye and Anthony O’Sullivan.

We started with Brandon and others talking about last Wednesday’s Freewheelers Easter Showcase at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley. Those who went said it went well – I agreed as I was also there. We then talked about the DBS checks for some of the Freewheeler members today, and others will have theirs after the next week’s Easter Break.

Next Brandon and others mentioned the PIAW (Play in a Week) Singalong event at The Nomad Theatre on Saturday; those who were involved said it went well. Then Lucy (volunteer) talked about a future Freewheelers production by Anthony Nelson. It will be all about peoples’ dreams. We then watched an interview with the author, and had a look at the play. We then talked about our ideas for the Anthony Nelson play; we said we would have scenes both real and in the hospital patient’s imagination. Then was lunch.

In the afternoon we watched a film from a few weeks ago, by The Blind Spirit Group, on making everyday objects into a story. We then went into groups to make a story about a patient in a hospital who has characters – both real and imaginary. I was with Anna and Ashley, and we were helped by Naomi.

Our story had the patient in a hospital imagining both white and black wizards. The white one was good and the black one bad – he put a curse on the patient. The wizards in reality were doctors in white or black shirts. We said the doctor wearing the white shirt was kind and spoke to the patient themselves in language they understood. The doctor wearing a  the black shirt spoke medical talk and only to the patient’s family members. The white wizard was in reality the doctor wearing a white shirt and the wizard wearing black was in reality the doctor wearing the black shirt.

We then performed the sketches of stories to each other; some of the groups talked through their stories or sketches – others performed theirs.  They were all very good.

Brandon then said the BBC are looking for a 27 year old girl with a learning disability for a new drama about the main character being abused. They wondered if any of the Freewheelers were interested – Zena and Poppy put their hands up for this.

Brandon then reminded us all that he would not see the Monday group next week as it is Easter Day, so we will now not be there till April 9th. I am not sure if the Tuesday group are meeting on April 3rd or not.

I think the session went well today and I hope the rest will think so too!

Andy M