We describe the personal impact of Freewheelers

We describe the personal impact of Freewheelers

Dear All

Here is my usual drama email for this week. We did quite a lot so I may not mention everything but will try mention most of what we did.

The only visitor was Bob who came to help get The Freewheelers organised; those not there were Andrea (unwell), Rachel, Poppy, Dan and Anthony O’Sullivan.

We started with Brandon welcoming us all back after last week’s Easter Break. Jamie then said  he saw a play of George’s Marvellous Medicine (written by Roald Dhal) by a youth group and  enjoyed it.

Next several Freewheeler members including Sam, Anna and Richard Watson all said they saw Peter Rabbit at their local cinemas and all enjoyed it.

Brandon then said the bus scene for our next production will be filmed at Brooklands Bus Museum sometime in May. Brandon then said the playwright Anita Sullivan may be here next week. Jamie saw a play – Ready Player One – and he enjoyed it. Next was some warm ups with Brandon and then Lucy (volunteer), then was lunch.

In the afternoon, Brandon said a man called Colin (I have forgotten his surname) will be coming in two week’s time for a Writing Workshop. He took names for those who might like to be there.

Then we went into groups (I was in Lucy’s group) to answer four questions about our time with Freewheelers to be shown later in the year. The questions included: ‘How long have you been a Freewheeler?’  ‘How did you feel when you  joined?’  ‘How do you feel now, and what is your favourite Freewheeler’s production you have been in so far and why?’ and also ‘How does being in the group change your life?’

We had to answer them one member at a time with a green screen behind us; this took a while as we had to be quiet when the person answering the questions was being recorded.

In conclusion I think today’s session went well and I think all those who were there would think so too!

By Andy M