Workshops at The Bridge

Workshops at The Bridge

Dear All

Here is this week’s drama entry. The only visitor was Anita Sullivan (playwright). Those not there were Peter Higson, Nick and Anthony O’Sullivan.

We started by welcoming Anita Sullivan. Then Brandon said there are Bank Holidays on May 7th and 28th, and that we are meeting on the 7th but not the 28th. We were all fine with that.

Next a warm up session with Brandon and Lucy. Then we started on the workshop for our next production, Return to Seances, with Anita Sullivan. We talked about recurring dreams. Next was lunch.

In the afternoon, more work on the Return To Seances workshop with Anita Sullivan. We then said we all enjoyed the workshop and hoped to see her again sometime soon.

We finished off with having a session with Andrea; we pretended to be nurses and doctors on hospital wards, so we had to move quickly for this – then people visiting a patient who was very ill on a hospital ward – for this we had to move slower. Both were enjoyable and interesting to do.

In conclusion, I think the session went well today and I hope the rest will agree.

By Andy M