Objects of Interest at The Bridge

Objects of Interest at The Bridge

Dear All

Here is my usual drama blog for today. Hope you like it?

Today the only visitor was Colin Handbrook (playwright). Those not there were Andrea, Poppy and Richard Bridger. We started with welcoming various volunteers: Sandra (volunteer), Mike (who has come to help tidy the Freewheelers’ cupboard) and Chris (music).

Then Brandon told us all that Colin Handbrook will now be coming in the afternoon. Next, we introduced ourselves with our objects that we were ask to bring in for Colin Handbrook’s workshop.

I brought in a sign with WC written on it, as when I was young I went to hospital with my mum and dad and saw a  WC.  ‘What does that stand for?’ I asked, and my dad replied, ‘The Winston Churchill Room!’ and I said, ‘No, it does not!’ I then went into the room and heard a voice say, ‘We will fight them on the beaches.’ It was my dad pretending to be Winston Churchill. 

Next we watched a film by Chris Crane about what we all thought of The Freewheelers. Then was lunch. We sang Mathew James Happy Birthday

Brandon told us we hope to go to Brooklands Bus Museum in Weybridge next week; third time lucky – after snow stopping the two previous attempts.  

In the afternoon we did the workshop with Colin Handbrook (playwright).  We all talked abut the objects we were asked to bring in. Only some of us did this; the others made up a story about a snooker table.  We will meet up with Colin again in two weeks’ time after next week’s visit to Brooklands. 

I think the session went well today and I think all those involved will think so too. 

By Andy M