Play In A Week auditions at The Nomad

Play In A Week auditions at The Nomad

Dear All

Here is my PIAW (Play in a Week) Audition Day Special! Hope  you all like it.

It was at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley, for some of the Freewheelers.

We started with a warm up session; then we read through this year’s PIAW, called Keeping The Score by Rachel Barnett. It will have time travel elements in it, as well as people wanting to go on a cruise and not doing PIAW, plus other aspects. My mother came to watch rehearsals – she enjoyed it, as did everyone else.

This year is the 20th PIAW. I have done all of them so far – this was mentioned, and I was pleased. After rehearsing some of the scenes, including one on the cruise ship, we took a break time.

Then we split into groups to rehearse some scenes, both forwards and backwards.  In my group, we were late for a Doctor’s appointment, and then got caught in the rain and got blown up the street.

Next was lunch. In the afternoon, more group work. We then performed to each other. There were two parts: one where we had to say why we liked going on holiday, and the other where we said why we liked PIAW. Both will have poems to go with them. The actual PIAW week is at the end of July sometime.

By Andy M