A new production begins

A new production begins

Dear All

Here is my drama blog for this week. Hope you all like it!

The visitors were Anita Sullivan (playwright) and Nick (possible new member).  Those not there were Andrea, Rachel Molde, Ems, Richard Watson and Luke H.

We started with talking about last week’s Bus Museum Trip to Brooklands, Weybridge. We said it went well despite the cold weather.

We then welcomed our visitors, Anita Sullivan and Nick. I think we then started the workshop with Anita on our next production, Return To Our Senses. Next was a drinks break; we then continued with the Return To Our Senses workshop. Then was lunch.

In the afternoon we watched a film about a world record attempt to launch as many drones into the air at the some time as possible.

Then more work on the Return To Our Senses workshop. We had to split into groups to make a sketch on how the patient ended up in hospital for the start of the play. I was with Terri, Richard Bridger, and Luke T and we were helped by Peter Higson (volunteer).

In our sketch, I was a man in the shower when the person comes to tidy my hotel room. I had forgotten to change the sign on the door from ‘Please Tidy The Room’ to ‘Do Not Disturb’! So the  person who has come to tidy the rooms walks in on me in the shower.  I step back to cover my modesty and fall over the soap.

We finished off with watching a film to be shown on The Freewheelers’ Fundraising Event on April 18th. I am not sure of the venue for this event.

I think the session went well today and I hope all those involved will think so too.