Returning again To Our Senses!

Returning again To Our Senses!

Dear All

Here is this weeks drama blog. We had no visitors and those not there were Ems and Luke Tye.

We started by discussing the visit to The Transport Museum at Brooklands, near Weybridge, two  weeks ago – we said it went well. Later on we watched a film taken by Chris Crane.

We then talked about the workshop taken by Colin Handbrook a few weeks ago – when we had to bring in an object that meant something to us – we said both these events went well.

Those who did not take part in Colin Handbrook’s Workshop had a session with Brandon; they made up a story about a snooker table. We hope to perform this  sometime and invite a snooker player to take part. I suggested Jimmy White, as he lives in nearby.

Next we talked about last week’s Return to Our Senses workshop with Anita Sullivan. We said it went well; we read through the story so far.  It starts with someone in a coma, and later on Fawlty Towers sketches are played to them to help the recover.

Next some people from Colin Handbrook’s Workshop read what they had done. They included Terri,  Sonas and one of the volunteers read Luke Tye’s contribution about his nephew. All were very good. I think we then had lunch.

In the afternoon we went back into the groups we were in last week for Anita Sullivan’s Return To Our Senses Workshop. We had to make up sketches to explain why the patient ended up in hospital. I was with Terri and Richard Bridger and our sketch was when the person comes to tidy the room in a hotel, and walks in on someone in the shower. They had forgotten to take the Do Not Disturb sign off the door, so they walk in and the person in the shower falls over on the soap. We then performed the sketches to each other – we were helped by volunteer Lucy for this.

We then (in the same groups) performed the same sketches, but this time just using words. We then performed those sketches to each other. Brandon said it went well.

I think the session went well today and I hope all those involved will agree.

By Andy M