Returning (again) To Our Senses

Returning (again) To Our Senses

Dear All

Here is my normal drama entry for this week. Hope you all like it.

The visitors were Anita Sullivan (playwright) and Nick Barnes (puppeteer). Those not there were Ems, Luke Tye and Stephen.

We started by welcoming Anita Sullivan and Nick Barnes for the Return To Our Senses story. Anita Sullivan  reminded us of the story of the play. Nick Barnes then talked about how puppets will be involved in the production.  I think we then watched a film that might be included in the play, and we then had some lunch.

In the afternoon we split into two groups. One group were with Andrea and they looked at the music involved  in the production; the other group were with Anita, Nick and Brandon in the foyer, and we looked at and rehearsed the scene with the patient in a coma. We then performed to each other.

We finished off by talking about whether the puppet patient will have a disability or not. We could not decide on this. Brandon then said that next week we will have no visitors.

In conclusion I think we did well today and I hope all those involved will agree.

Andy M