More workshops at The Bridge

More workshops at The Bridge

Dear All

Today in drama the visitor was Alison (possible new volunteer).  Those not there were Ems, Nick Walenski and Stephen.

We started by welcoming Alison and hoping she would like us all. We then briefly talked about the World Cup. Then we sat in front of a board to go through the storyline for Return To Our Senses. We said we may have to change some of the characters in the Fawlty Towers scene to avoid copyright laws – perhaps make Manuel French instead of Spanish, and change his name to Marcel?  And change the Major into a Sergeant, and change Sybil and Basil Fawlty’s first names and even change the name of the play itself?

After the Return to Our Senses story-line workshop, we had lunch.

In the afternoon Brandon told us that the ‘Destiny Betrayed‘ special service to mark the  anniversary of the end of World War One at Leatherhead Leisure Centre (along with the Military Wives’ Choir and Gareth Malone, plus others) has been cancelled. There may be another event later in the year.

Brandon also said that we were due to come back to Freewheelers on September 3rd after the Summer break in July and August, but we will now not be back till the following week (September 10th) as there is an inspection day on the 3rd. We all understood this. Brandon then said that Anita Sullivan (playwright) and Tom Gray (musician) will be in next week.

During the day, Andrea asked us to pretend to be puppets – first on our own, then in pairs. I was with Nick Russell for this, and then finally in a row.

In think the session went well today and hope everyone else will think so too.

Andy M