In a coma at The Bridge

In a coma at The Bridge

Dear All

Here is my drama entry for this week.  Hope you all like it!

The visitor was Tom Gray (musician) and those not there were Poppy and Ems.

We started by briefly talking about  the England football team’s victory over Sweden on Saturday, and looked forward to the semi-final against Croatia on Wednesday.

Next Terri talked about an art exhibition last week in Woking, along with other Freewheelers including Brandon. There were some paintings by the visually impaired artist, Richard Fuller, and John Watts, and others. The paintings were of boats in a harbour and were very good. There was also a demonstration by a man called Russell; everyone who went said it went well.  Jamie went to an exhibition in Egham and enjoyed it.

Then we started the workshop with Tom Gray by looking at a film taken on his last visit (on June  11th when I was not there). Then we went through the story for Return To Our Senses.

In the afternoon we started with some of the group saying they would look up some medical words that the doctors will use while talking about the patient around their bed. I was one of the people who volunteered to do this. It may be done at Hemmet.

We then listened to a song from a play called Company; the song was by Stephen Sondheim. Next we talked about how, and what, songs may be included in the play. Then we talked about a scene from the play involving three sets of two people: the wife of Robbie, the patient in the Coma, and Robbie;  Sybil and Basil Fawlty from Fawlty Towers (although we may change their names to avoid copyright issues) and the last couple being the sister / brother of Robbie and their girlfriend / boyfriend.  We  finished off with watching the film taken on June 11th again.

In conclusion I think the session went well today and hope all those involved will agree.

From Andy M