Say Goodbye for the Summer

Say Goodbye for the Summer

Dear All

Here is my usual drama entry for this week. We did quite a lot, so I may not mention everything. We had no  visitors; those not there were Ems, Soufyan and Peter Higson.  We started by saying that today will the last day that Emily (volunteer) will be in; we said we’ll all miss her.

Then we briefly talked about France beating Croatia in Sunday night’s World Cup Final from Moscow, Russia.  Next, Brandon and others mentioned Wednesday night’s performance of Amandla! at The Harlequin Theatre in Redhill; I said I might like to come if there is room.

Brandon then reminded us that the performance of Destiny Betrayed at Leatherhead Theatre had been cancelled, and also we were not due to start drama after the summer break till September 10th instead of the 3rd.

Those involved in next week’s PIAW (Play in a Week) at The Nomad Theatre in East Horsley (it’s called Keeping The Score), will meet at The Nomad Theatre on Monday for the week, with performances on Saturday July 28th in the evening, and Sunday July 29th for the afternoon matinee.

Then we looked at the story line for the Tomorrow song scene from Destiny Betrayed, because part of this will be filmed on Friday. It involves Zena and Richard Watson’s scene, when getting ready for work at the KUONI offices in Dorking. Zena is unorganised, whereas Richard is organised.

We then watched a film taken at Brooklands in Weybridge earlier in the summer, followed by the scene at KUONI offices in Dorking in November.

Pip then asked us to say what we might like to give Emily – she suggested a voucher for a Theatre performance somewhere – we all agreed. Then Brandon suggested that we might like to watch a play; we all said ‘yes’ – suggestions included a musical or a comedy.

In the afternoon we split up; some of us looked up medical words for when we perform Return to Our Senses. I was in that group with Rachel Mold, Sam Keelan,  Sonas and Luke H. We were with Emily – others were with Brandon. We then went and performed to each other.

Brandon then said he will see us all again on September 10th unless we were involved in next week’s PIAW at The Nomad Theatre; talking of which, this year is number 20, and I have done all of them so far!

I think we did well today and I hope all those involved would think so too.

by Andy M