Fabulous performance of Amandla! at The Harlequin Theatre

Fabulous performance of Amandla! at The Harlequin Theatre

Dear All

Here is my drama Amandla! special from The Harlequin Theatre, Redhill.


Three actors tell the story of Nelson Mandela.

Scene 1 –   Mandela as a boy in his village

Scene 2 – At School and his College

Scene 3 – Going to Johannesburg

Scene 4  – Working as a lawyer

Scene 5  – Meeting Trevor Huddleston

Scene  6  – The Freedom Charter and the ANC

Scene 7 – We meet Winnie Mandela

Scene 8 – The Sharpesville Massacre

Scene 9 – Mandela is arrested

Scene 10 – The trial

Interval. Protest songs performed by our guest choirs

Scene 11 – Mandela in prison (Robben Island)

Scene 12  – Steve Biko is arrested and killed

Scene 13 – Donald Words newspaper editor

Scene 14 – Mandela  still in prison

Scene 15 –  News from London

Scene  16 –    Mandela in prison garden

Scene  17 –  Freedom and a phone call to the Woods

Scene  18 –  Wembley 1990

Scene  19  –  Zulu  vs  ANC violence

Scene 20 – Inaugurating South Africa’s first black President

Scene  21 –  Parliament Square

Finale Song – Amandla! Mandela Mandela

Cast Members included Terri Winchester as an older Nelson Mandela; Luke Tye as Trevor Huddleston,  Sonas Musana as Steve Biko, Brandon as ANC prisoner 2, Daniel Galiford as Donald  Woods and Sam Keelan as the narrator Police Officer.

I enjoyed it, as I think all the other audience members did as well.