It begins: Keeping The Score – 20th PIAW (Play In A Week)

It begins: Keeping The Score – 20th PIAW (Play In A Week)

Dear All

Here is my review of PIAW (Play in a Week): Keeping The Score (20th year celebration).  I have done all of them so far.  It was written by Rachel Barnett, and directed by Brandon McGuire; songs by Jay Bristow and the Company.

We started in the morning with Brandon reading the cast list: Sam Keelan was The Voice of Truth; Anna Vere, a Bridesmaid, and myself as Inspector Clouseau. Sonas Musana helped with technical issues. Other Freewheelers, Nomad members and people from The Harbour Day Centre, Godalming, were also in the cast. We then read the play from start to finish; then was a drinks break.

Next, into groups: I was in the Detectives’ Group, along with characters Miss Marple, Inspector Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. We sang some of the songs from the play, Rather Be On Holiday, and 4 Chords by Jay  Bristow. Next was lunch.

In the afternoon we got into our groups again and practiced coming on stage in the right order in groups – to sing the Rather Be On Holiday song again. We had to do this several times, with a different action to do with holidays for each line of the song.

In conclusion I think PIAW  Day 1 went well, and I hope all those involved will think so too.

Part 2 to follow tomorrow (Tuesday) or later in the week.

By Andy Marber