Return to The Bridge

Return to The Bridge

Dear All

Here is my first drama blog after the summer break. I may not include everything, but will try and mention most items that we did – hope you all like it!

The visitors were Anita Sullivan (playwright), Tom Gray (musician); Katie Montgomery (ex Dorincourt member, and possible new Freewheeler); and Robert (I do not know his surname) – possible new Freewheeler). Those not there were Ems and Anna Vere.  We started by welcoming everyone back after the summer break, including all our visitors.

Then we had a one minute applause for Freewheeler Richard Bridger, who sadly passed away during the summer. This was my suggestion.

Next we talked about what we did over the summer break.  Richard Watson and other Freewheeler members went  to an event in Cobham in Surrey – they all liked it. Poppy went on holiday to Scotland – she enjoyed it. I talked about my and my mum’s holiday to Sinah Warren on Hayling Island, run by Warner’s – I said I liked it.

Then Brandon said we will have to rehearse Return To Our Senses, as it is being performed in January; I think in Bookham.

Next, we read through Return To Our Senses from start to finish. I played Marcel (based on Manuel from Fawlty Towers as we have to change the names to avoid being sued for copyright by the writers of Fawlty Towers). So Sybil Fawlty is now called Beryl and Basil Fawlty is now Cyril. Other cast members are Robbie, a hospital patient (played by both a puppet and a live actor) who is in a coma; his parents, brother and ex-girlfriend; two nurses; two paramedics and a doctor.

Then people said what the thought of it. Katie Montgomery said that she understood the story. Brandon then said that he saw Nick Barnes (puppeteer) during the summer break.

Then we had a warm up with Andrea, during which we did some movements that will probably be involved in Return To Our Senses, followed by lunch.

In the afternoon we talked about the songs in Return To Our Senses, including one about counting sheep, one about the human body and one about arguments. Next we did a sketch about arguments: ladies vs. men, followed by a man saying why he loved a lady, and visa versa.

Then we discussed changing the name of the play from Return To Our Senses to Do Not Disturb, or Wake Up, Break Up, or something else.

We finished by talking about The Freewheelers Film Night at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley.

In conclusion I think we did well this week, and I hope the rest will think so too.

By Andy M