The future of Do Not Disturb

The future of Do Not Disturb

Dear All

Here is this week’s drama blog – hope you all like it! We had no visitors and those not there were Ems and Daniel.

We started with Brandon saying we will have to perform Do Not Disturb again on March 4th, as we when we performed it at The Nomad Theatre in East Horsley (at the end of January), neither the playwright (Anita Sullivan), the musician (Tom Gray) nor the puppeteer (Nick Barnes) could be there.

The performance will be at The Bridge Centre on March 4th. We hope that all of those people will be there, as well as a man (called Terry?) from The Arts Council(?)

We then talked about tour venues and dates – perhaps at a hospital or other medical building, as the play is about a person called Robbie who ends up in a coma. Also various new theatres and other places were mentioned. Details will be forthcoming sometime later in the year.

I think we then rehearsed some scenes from the production, then it was lunch.

In the afternoon, more rehearsals – including The Pinwheel and Wake Up, Robbie song scenes. Brandon said we will continue next week.

In conclusion I think we did well today and I hope everyone else who was there will think so too!

Andy M