Vocal warm ups and drama games at The Bridge

Vocal warm ups and drama games at The Bridge

Dear All  

In drama today the only  visitor was Emily, the daughter of Andrea, and the only one not there was Matt Seaby. 

We started with Brandon telling us all that because of the rehearsals for the performance for a show called A Trip To The Moon (tomorrow, Tuesday June 25th, at The Harlequin Theatre,  Redhill), not many people will be going to The Bridge Centre on that day.  Everyone understood this. 

The actual performance itself is the following day, Wednesday June 26th. Brandon then asked who was coming to this event and we said not many from Cambridge Road or Hemmet House, as we  will only have the small red vehicle. The bigger blue one will already be at The Harlequin Theatre for the performers; I think Brandon understood this. 

Brandon then left to go to The Harlequin Theatre himself for technical reasons. 

We then had a vocal warm up with Viv which was great fun. Next was lunch time.  

In the afternoon we had drama games with Andrea which everyone enjoyed.  

I think the session went well today and hope all those involved will agree.

My next drama entry will be a Harlequin Theatre Trip To The Moon Special, to be sent sometime on Thursday. Not sure when exactly.

Andy M.