An Evening with The Freewheelers Special

An Evening with The Freewheelers Special

This took place last night at The Harlequin Theatre, Redhill. The running order was as follows:

1 Circle of Life  (from The Lion King)

2. Bond on a Budget 

3. Shake a Tail Feather 

4. Back Where We Belong (in memory of Bill Pearson)

5. Trapped 

6. Terrible Auntie (from the book by David Walliams)

7. Jailhouse Rock 

Then a twenty minute interval 

8. A Trip To The Moon. 

In the cast was Anna Vere from Cambridge Road and Sarah and Mark from Hemmet House, plus loads of other members.  It was an enjoyable and entertaining evening and I enjoyed it and am sure the other audience members and cast did too! 

Andy Marber