Awaiting a cycling arrival!

Awaiting a cycling arrival!

Dear All  
Here  is  my usual  drama blog for today.  Hope you all like it!   

Today we had no visitors and those not there were Peter Higson, Mathew James, Matt Seaby and Anthony O’Sullivan.

We started by Brandon and others talking about the Evening With  The Freewheelers at The Harlequin Theatre, Redhill, on June 26th. Those who went – either in the cast or audience – liked and thought it went well. Sam Keelan said she enjoyed going the 40th birthday of Anna Vere at the weekend. (Not sure where it was?) Anna liked it too!  

Brandon then said that Freewheeler member Peter Thompson is currently cycling from Longleat Safari Park to The Bridge Centre, Leatherhead, so we could we make some posters to welcome him back on his return sometime this afternoon? We said we would do so. 

Then we were in the main room with Andrea, rehearsing The Body Song from Do Not Disturb.  Others were in a side room looking at The Fawlty Towers programs, ready for another scene from Do Not Disturb. Then the rest (including myself) were outside making the ‘Welcome Back’ posters for Peter Thompson. Then was lunch, during which Brandon kept us informed on the progress of Peter Thompson, who was currently in Guildford.  

In the afternoon, we split up again. Some of us rehearsed various scenes from Do Not Disturb in various side rooms whilst the others (including myself) rehearsed the family scenes from Do Not Disturb with volunteer Alison (several times to get it right). Zena was the girlfriend of Robbie; Terri, the mum; Jamie, the dad and Richard Watson as Robbie the patient whilst in a coma. 

Then we welcomed Peter Thompson back from his cycling from Longleat Safari Park. We stuck up the posters some of us made  outside earlier in the day.  When he got back to The Bridge Centre  we all congratulated him – he said he was very tired. I think he raised about £800 for The Freewheelers?   

Brandon then said he will see us all next week at The Bridge Centre, when we will have some visitors.  

I think the session went well today and hope all the rest who were there this week will think so too.

Andy M