Rehearsing and visitors

Rehearsing and visitors

Dear All  

Here is my drama entry for this week. Hope you all like it!  This week the visitors were Sarah (work experiance), Claudia (MVDC Arts Officer) and Rebecca (Community Foundation of Surrey) who did not come untill the afternoon.  Those not there were Andrea, Ems, and Richard Watson, and Matt Seaby did not come untill the afternoon.  

We started by Brandon welcoming possible new volunteer  Sarah.  We then all said who we were and how long we had been a Freewheeler member. Brandon then told us that both Anita Sullivan (playwright) and Nick Barnes (puppeteer)  will be here next week for a Do Not Disturb Workshop. I said that Stephen will not be there next week as he will be on a cruise with his parents. Brandon also said that Anita Sullivan had written a play about the moon landings in the Sixties. It will on the radio next Monday sometime for us to listen to if wanted to?  Not sure what radio station or what time.  

We then told Sarah all about the story of Do Not Disturb; I think she understood it. Then we rehearsed Do Not Disturb from the start to Scene 13. Next was lunch time.  
In the afternoon we continued to rehearse Do Not Disturb,  from Scene 13 to the finish.  Then we rehearsed the Wake Up Robbie Song scene again for the benefit of Claudia and Rebecca from The Arts Council. I think they were both  impressed with it.  

I then showed some people the program from the play called Noises Off at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith. In the cast was the wife of my brother Patrick;  her name is Debra Gillett. She played Belinda Blair – also there was Meera Syal from the comedy program Good Gracious Me  and others. She played Dotty Otley.  I went with my mum. It was about actors rehearsing for another play called Nothing On. I said we quite enjoyed it, though found it quite complicated following the plot.

Brandon then reminded us that next week will be the last one before we break up for summer.  In two weeks’ time some of us will be in PIAW (Play in a Week) – in its 22nd year at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley, Surrey.

This year’s one is called Never Mind The Rain. I have been in all of them so far. I am not sure what part I will be playing. It is based on the story of Noah’s Ark, so I might be playing a dog! Which I will not mind if that is the case; I will try and let you all know when I do. 

In conclusion, I think we all did really well this week and I hope everyone else who was there will agree.

Andy M