Last drama of term!

Last drama of term!

Dear All  
Here is my usual drama entry for today.  Hope you all like it! 
In drama today the visitors were Anita Sullivan (playwright), Nick Barnes (puppeteer), Sam (possible new Freewheeler), and her carer (I do not know their names), and also Chris (possible new volunteer). Those not there were Ems, Luke H and Stephen Davies.  
We started by welcoming Sam (possible new Freewheeler). Then we talked about England winning the Cricket World Cup at Lords, England against New Zealand on Sunday.  We were all pleased with the score. 

I think we then rehearsed the puppet scene from Do Not Disturb. Next Brandon told us all that a play about the moon landings in the Sixties (written by Anita Sullivan) will be broadcast on Radio 4 later this morning. 

Nick Barnes (puppeteer) said he knew one of the astronauts – Neil Armstrong!

We then listened to the moon landing radio play by Anita Sullivan; we all said we liked it. I think Anita was pleased!  

Next Nick Barnes talked about using the puppet version of Robbie when he falls into his coma. Nick said the puppet will have to be changed to make it easier to carry.  Then we rehearsed Do Not Disturb, up to the Body Song.  

In the afternoon, more rehearsals of some scenes from Do Not Disturb.  Brandon said we all did very well. 

We then thanked Viv as she had hopefully got  funding for The Freewheelers for some future projects. 

We also thanked Anita and Nick for coming and hoped we would see them again sometime. Brandon then said he wished that we will have an enjoyable  summer break, as he would not be seeing most of us till September.  Apart from those of us going to The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley, next Monday for the PIAW  (Play in a Week) – Year 22! This year’s is called  Never Mind The Rain or Oh No, It’s Raining.  I am one of those performing; I have taken part in all of them so far.  

I think we did well today and I hope everyone else who was there will think so too.

Andy M