Day 3 of Play in a Week

Day 3 of Play in a Week

Dear All  
Here is my review of PIAW, Day 3 –  Oh No! It’s Raining!   

First arrived at The Nomad Theatre with Anna Vere, Sonas Musana and Sam Keelan. 

Then was some warm up sessions, both vocal with Jay Bristow (musician) and physical with Andrea. 

We then sang the Finale Song on page 29.  Next the Get Me Off This Boat song on page 23.  Then was break time.  Next we sang the Wood and Nails song on page 4. Then another break time, and next was Rain, Rain, Rainy Rain on page 7.  Then we had some lunch.  

In the afternoon we sang the Finale Song again on page 29 in pairs; I was with Daniel Galliford for this. Next another break time, followed by the new Sea Shanti scene, and finally a cool down session.    

Andy M